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Wellness Policy

OUSD Nutrition Services is the recipient of the "Outstanding School Lunch Award" 

OUSD "Wellness Policy"

The Oceanside Unified School District implemented an updated School Board approved "Wellness Policy" on Aprl 19, 2011.  The Wellness Policy was developed with the involvement of school administrators, the Nutrition Services Director, school nutrition services professionals, parents/guardians, board representatives and members of the public.

The Board of Education recognizes the link between student health and learning, and desires to provide a school environment that promotes healthy eating and physical activity for district students.

Please click here   (or on the link below) to see the updated policy.  Also in this document are the Administrative Regulations on how the policy is to be implemented throughout the district.  If you have any questions about the policy, please contact Nutrition Services at 760-966-4095.

Wellness Policy - Board adopted 2018 (Includes Administrative Regulations)   

Wellness Education - Nutrition Education and Physical Education

Foods and Beverages in our Wellness Policy

How Healthy is it? Calculate it!!!

You can use this handy, online calculator, to see if any of your outside, store-bought food is SB12/80/965 compliant.

Just click on the "Elementary" or "Middle/High" calculator:



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"We are Proud to Feed the Future to Enhance a Healthy Learning Environment so that Every Student Graduates"

Healthy Food Choices Can Be Delicious
Healthy Food Choices Can Be Delicious