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Fruit Salad
Fruit Salad

District Wellness


Oceanside unified school district wellness - building healthy lives

The District Wellness Committee provides support in implementing Board Policy 5040: Student Wellness. The Wellness Committee advises the district on health-related issues, activities, policies and programs. The intent of the Student Wellness Policy is to ensure that all school environments promote healthy eating and physical activities for district students.

 The Student Wellness Policy contains three main components:
  • Nutrition
  • Nutrition Education
  • Physical Education
Foods and beverages sold to students through the district’s child nutrition program, student stores, vending machines, and fundraisers meet or exceed state and federal nutrition standards. Nutrition education is provided as a part of the health education program as well as the before and after school programs. Opportunities for physical activity are provided through physical education, recess, school athletic programs, extracurricular programs and before and after school programs.

How Healthy is it? Calculate it!

You can use this handy, online calculator, to see if any of your outside, store-bought food is SB12/80/965 compliant.

Just click on the "Elementary" or "Middle/High" calculator

California Project Lean


Superintendents Greeting

Statistics show that children benefit in a multitude of ways when they start their day with a healthy breakfast. And while parents have a number of things to tend to each morning in getting children ready for school, adding “prepare nutritious breakfast” to the daily to-do list will benefit your child for years to come.

Numerous studies indicate that children who eat a healthy breakfast have more energy throughout the day, increase their thinking and memory skills and maintain a healthier weight and a more active metabolism.   Additionally, students who eat a good breakfast have fewer discipline problems and make fewer visits to the school nurse.
On the flip side, research shows that children who skip breakfast tend to suffer from behavioral, emotional and academic problems. Researchers have also found that when children do not eat well in the morning they may demonstrate more hyperactive behavior and tend to be absent and tardy more frequently.
The Oceanside Unified School District supports a strong wellness program for all OUSD students. Meals provided through our free-and-reduced lunch programs and foods and snacks sold on our campuses are all approved as healthy and nutritious for our students. Please take the time to do you and your children a huge favor in life by making sure that they arrive for school energized by a healthy breakfast, or in time to enjoy a healthy breakfast at school.