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Special Education Department

Educational Support Services
2080 Mission Ave.
Oceanside, CA 92058


Special Education Services

Related Services (DIS)
Related Services are supportive services the student requires in order to benefit from his special education program. California calls such services Designated Instruction and Services (DIS). Examples of such DIS services include, but are not limited to, language and speech development and remediation, audiological services, orientation and mobility instruction, and adapted physical education.


Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI)
Education Specialists provide direct and/or indirect IEP driven special education instructional services to students who spend as much of their day as possible within the general education classroom. Instruction is provided by the special education teacher and/or the instructional aide as a pull out service in a separate class room or as a push in service within the general education classroom in collaboration with the regular education teacher.  Students complete work towards specific goals and objectives developed according to needs identified by specialist evaluations.