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Two adult students working by the fence

Adult Transition Program

Adult Transition Program (ATP) 

The OUSD ATP @Carey Road provides students ages 18-22 with a combination of work skill based academics, classroom and community based instruction to guide the student toward maximum independence. Typical skills taught in ATP may include:  Academic Domain (Education/Instruction), Vocational Domain (Pre-Employment and Work Readiness Skills), Community Domain (Community Based Instruction), and Domestic Domain (Independent Living Skills).

The overall goal of the ATP @Carey Road is to facilitate independence to the highest extent possible based on individual students strengths and preferences. The ATP @Carey Road is an adult program where students work and collaborate as a groups or work individually based on needs throughout the day or week. Some students are able to participate independently with minimal support to maximum support, working side-by-side with staff.

Another goal of ATP @Carey Road is to increase student’s length of time to stay on task and to track their progress to be able to participate in competitive integrated employment. Each classroom develop outcomes and goals for each and everyone of their students.


Resources for Students and Staff

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ATP @Carey Road

707 Carey Road
Oceanside, CA 92058


Grace Ridgeway
Coordinator, Special Education

ATP Teachers

Monique Combs

Jim Hinderliter

Jeff Laird

Terri Sanford

Ray Reyes