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Informational Resources

Healthy Kids - Website dedicated to child nutrition and physical health.

Kids Health - Website dedicated to kids Health and well being.

Let's Eat Healthy -Informative and engaging games for children.

Fruits and Vegetables - Tips on ways to incorporate more fruits/vegetables into your diet.

Exercise - Information relating to timing and types of nutrients. 





recipe ideas

Sandwiches - Various spreads and toppings for delicious sandwiches.

Treats - Simple and tasty yogurt pops!

Try an easy snack such as celery sticks with different spreads: peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower butter combined with different toppings such as pretzels, grapes, raisins, blueberries. 

Celery sticks with different toppings

Nutrition Education & Activities

OUSD Nutrition Services is the recipient of the "Outstanding School Lunch Award" 

Eat the rainbow

List as many fruits/vegetables from each color that you can. Take the challenge to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables by eating different colors!

An assortment of rainbow colored fruits and vegetables
letter of the week

Pick a letter of the week. Write down healthy, whole foods that start with that letter. Throughout the week, try new recipes with these foods and talk about what makes them healthy.

Twenty Questions

Think of a food item and have someone ask questions about it. Example questions: "Is it bigger than a hand?" "Is it a dark color?"

additional activities

Coloring Pages [English] [Español]

Word Searches [English] [Español]

Secret Codes [English] [Español]

25 Healthy Snack Ideas [English] [Español]

"This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider"

Oceanside Fresh Choice Cafe

"We are Proud to Feed the Future to Enhance a Healthy Learning Environment so that Every Student Graduates"

Low Fat Pumpkin Recipes!

   "Pumpkin Smoothie"

   "Pumpkin Pancakes"

   "Pumpkin Muffins"

   "Pumpkin Bread"