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Meal Applications

Fill out your application today!
  • Please click this link, Online Meal Application

  • Available in English or Spanish

  • Easy Step by Step Instructions

  • You will receive a Confirmation Number once your application is completed

  • Applications will be processed within 10 business days 

Meal Application Requirements
  • Only one application is required PER HOUSEHOLD*

  • A new application is required every school year*

  • New applications must be complete within 30 days (October 1, 2020) from the beginning of school to submit a new application, or the student's status will revert to full price and parent/guardian will be responsible for paying for student meals

  • Students retain the prior year's status until the new application is processed (if submitted within the first 30 days of school)

*With the exception of CEP schools (Mission Elementary and Jefferson Middle School)

**If your student is a Foster Child a separate application is required

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fill out an application for each child?

No, you can fill out one form for multiple children in the same household.

Who will know that our family submitted an application?

Our system is confidential. Even if your child qualifies and chooses to eat lunch in the cafeteria, the breakfast and lunch process is the same as a student who is paying full price.

Do I still need to fill out a form if I qualify for other benefits?

No. If you are currently receiving food stamps, CalWORKS, KinGAP or FDPIR benefits and your information has not changed, your child automatically qualifies.

Do I have to list a social security number?

No. If you do not have a social security number or would prefer not to share it on the form, you are not required to list it.



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