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Eligible Dependents

Qualified Dependents

An employee may add any/all eligible dependent(s) to his/her medical, dental, and/or vision coverage during the annual open enrollment or following a qualifying event.


Eligible dependents include an employee's:

  • Lawful spouse
  • Domestic Partner as defined by the State of California
  • Child(ren):
    • Natural born
    • Adopted
    • Stepchild(ren)
      • of a Domestic Partner
      • of a Spouse
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Court-ordered dependent

Coverage Period for Dependents

Dependent coverage ends the last day of the month in which the employee separates from the District or goes into unpaid status, as long as the covered dependent is still eligible.


Dependent children who attain age 26 will have coverage through the end of the month of their birth.


If your child is disabled they may qualify for a continuation of eligibility. If you believe your child qualifies for the eligibility extension, please contact the District Insurance Office for more information.

Proof of Eligibility

When adding a new dependent to their insurance coverage, employees must provide proof of dependent eligibility within 30 days of the qualifying event, or by the last working day in October (if added during the annual Open Enrollment). Accepted documentation:

  1. For a lawful spouse
    1. Prior year's 1040 Tax Return OR
    2. Marriage Certificate (if married in current year)
  2. For a Domestic Partner:
    1. Official Domestic Partnership Registration
  3. For children:
    1. Birth Certificates
    2. Adoption Certificate
    3. Court-Ordered Legal Guardianship papers

Ineligible Dependents

Employees are required to notify the District Insurance Office immediately when dependents no longer meet eligibility requirements. If changes in spouse/dependent eligibility are not reported within 30 days, employees will be required to repay any premiums paid by the District for the ineligible dependent. Any claims incurred after loss of eligibility will be the employee's responsibility for the payment of claims.