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Graduation Requirements

Students must complete 220 units of credit and complete units in the following specific content areas and minimum amounts in order to receive a high school diploma.  Five credits are the equivalent of one semester. 

A - Social Science (30 credits)
World History or Geography
US History or AP US History
Civics (U.S.Government) and Economics or AP Government

B - English (40 credits)
English 9

English 10
English 11 American Literature or AP English Language
Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) 
or AP English Literature

C - Math (30 credits)
High School Mathematics I (required)
High School Mathematics II (required)
High School Mathematics III or other 3rd year math course
Must be completed during high school years

D - Science ( 20 credits)
Life Science
Physical Science
One year must include a lab

E - World Language (20 credits)
Must be the same language with completion of at least year 2 of the language during grades 9 - 12 OR demonstrated proficiency equivalent to a minimum of two years of course study

F - Visual and Performing Arts or Career Technical Education (10 credits)

G - Electives (50 credits)
Must include one year-long college prep elective course

Physical Education (20 credits)
Including Physical Education 9A (5). Special consideration may be granted for students transferring into the district with 20 credits completed, for purposes of allowing every opportunity to complete A-G coursework.

Health (no credits)
Complete State Health requirement