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About Fiscal Services


Fiscal Services is dedicated to providing for the acquisition of equipment, supplies, materials and services needed to ensure academic success throughout the District using fiscally responsible methods.

  • Payment in a timely manner to vendors for goods/services received.
  • Employee reimbursements 
  • Accounts receivable 
  • Budget services and support for all sites/departments. 
  • Review funding for all personnel requisitions. 
  • Help Sites and Departments determine an appropriate account code to use for a particular expense. 
  • Provide budget analysis.     
  • Provide projections for staffing costs.
  • Assist the sites and departments in viewing and interpreting of their budget. 
  • Provide general direction on the types of expenses that may be allowed under a restricted program.
  • Central Attendance accounting and reporting.
  •  Budgets and reporting on categorical funding.
  • Develop and process bid packages and related contracts and board agenda items for construction and maintenance projects and acquisition of equipment and supplies.
  • Purchase equipment, supplies, materials and services for school sites and district offices as cost effectively as possible.
  • Monitor JIT programs to ensure a continuous supply to sites for their daily operations.

Location and hours


2111 Mission Ave. Bldg. A Oceanside, CA 92058

ph: 760-966-4038
fax: 760-754-9036 

Hours: 7:30 a.m - 4:00 p.m  Monday - Friday