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Renee Fernandez
Use of Facilities Office

Colette Leyva
Business Services Dept.

Online "Use of Facilities" Requests

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many uses of the District's facilities are prohibited under state and county public health regulations. While the District will continue receiving applications for facilities use, the District will only accept those applications that are deemed safe and lawful uses of the facilities. Acceptance of any facility use application will be contingent upon the applicant’s certification of compliance with all federal, state and local regulations as well as compliance with pertinent health guidelines. The District reserves the right to limit the number of accepted facilities use applications or to deny use of any district facility if in its discretion the facility cannot be used for the requested use in a safe and legally compliant manner.

general information

Any event taking place on an OUSD site requires an approved "Use of Facilities" request.

A new online process is now in place for requesting facilities through Facilitron.  With Facilitron, requesters are able to digitally view available space, reserve a facility, and make payments through Facilitron.

Each online transaction to reserve a facility will include a 10% service fee.

Events may require OUSD staff to be present and paid (i.e.: custodian, security, etc.).

Facility requests require a minimum of 30 days advance notification and reservation:

  • Requests for OUSD Performing Arts Centers require a minimum of 60 days advance notice and deposit
  • Requests for OUSD stadiums require a minimum of 60 days advance notice, deposit, and OUSD Board of Education approval

Once all information is received in Facilitron, the approval process should take 7 days.

Due to COVID-19, please allow for processing delays.

required documents

The following are required to create a profile and request the use of an OUSD facility:

  • Legal name of Organization
  • EIN (Employee Identification Number) assigned by the IRS
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance for 2020-2021
  • District approval to fundraise for 2020-2021
  • Current W9
  • Form of payment (card, e-check, Paypal, or by mail)

facility use questions

Do we have to go through Facilitron for ALL fundraising activities?

  • Yes.  All on-campus fundraising activities require a facility request through Facilitron.  In the comments section, please list the agencies involved for insurance verification.  This includes, but is not limited to, carnivals, food trucks, movie nights, evening and weekend events, etc.

Facilitron charges a 10% service fee.  The charges for facilities are concerning.  What charges should I expect for choir/band concerts?  

  • For school events, there will be no fee.  For events hosted by authorized parent organizations, please select the “pay by mail” option instead of paying online.  This will allow district staff to review the information entered and adjust fees depending on the type of organization.

For facilities use, what is the deposit amount based on?  Is it a flat fee?

  • The deposit is based on the facility requested, the dates requested, and the requester itself (school site entity, authorized parent organization, outside community requester).

Can our organization choose to not have site staff present at our on-campus event?

  • Any on-campus event will require an OUSD staff member to be present (i.e.: custodian, security, etc.).  This is not an option for organizations to decline.  Staff costs will be billed to the organization and/or added to the facility use cost.

Do we need to fill out a facility request for crowdfunding?

  • The facility requests through Facilitron are required for on-campus fundraising only.  An organization is not required to fill out a facility request for a crowdfunding campaign, but will need to submit the fundraising packet.

Do outside vendors need to have insurance coverage for both the fundraising group and the district?

  • Yes.  It needs to meet OUSD requirements and be on file with the Use of Facility Office a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event.

What happens if we don't use Facilitron?  Are there consequences or additional fines?

  • If Facilitron is not used, Oceanside Unified School District is in violation of a contractual agreement and will result in cancellation of the event, as well as fines assessed.  The organization will need to pay the fines incurred.  In addition, if there is a double-booking of a facility due to not using Facilitron, the organization who did not submit a Facilitron request will be removed from the calendar and bumped out of the facility in question.