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Workers' Compensation/ Return to Work Office

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Keenan SafeSchools

The safety of our staff and students is of utmost importance.  That's why the District offers the SafeSchools Online Training System.  These interactive courses are informative and helpful towards maintaining a safe learning environment.

Employees may Log into Keenan using their six digit employee ID number (123-456) to access these courses.

Safety topics

Employee Safety

Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

Each and every employee is a valuable resource to the District.  That is why the District is committed to providing employees with the safe work environment you expect.  However, we all share the responsibility for promoting a safety culture and we all share accountability to value safe work practices and the safety programs that are put into place.

Make a commitment today to take an active role in safety.

safety focus: working from home - tips & guides

As many of us adjust to working away from the office and our regular work spaces, here are some safety and health resources for a successful transition:

Home Office and Ergonomics

Keenan Microlearning Series: Working Remotely

Laptop Setup in Your Home Office

Maintain Mental Health Working from Home

Workstation Stretches 

Stretching Routine (WorkPartners)

forms and instruction sheets

Non Work-Related Injuries/ Illnesses

Reporting and Return to Work instructions

Safety Programs

Return to Work Process

The District believes that it is important to retain, preserve and maintain their most valuable asset, their employees, at their most productive level. To accomplish this goal, the District has developed an early intervention transitional duty program and accommodation assessment program. This RETURN to WORK PROGRAM will allow all eligible employees to return to a productive and rewarding position at the earliest appropriate time as determined by their physician.

Please contact the WC/RTW Technician with any questions.

Tel:  (760) 966-4035

Fax: (760) 966-7178