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Did You Know?

OUSD Nutrition Services is the recipient of the "Outstanding School Lunch Award" 

Grade “A” for OUSD Nutrition Services School Lunch Program

In a recent study of 10 San Diego County Elementary school district lunch programs, OUSD Nutrition Services was the only department to receive a grade of “A” for offering a wide variety of nutritious foods. The study was conducted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

According to the report, OUSD's Nutrition Services Department goes beyond meeting the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) requirements.  The study also cited the department's effectiveness in providing students the opportunity to learn about and improve their lifelong health habits.  They also noted in the report that our "Lean Green" Mondays offer environmentally friendly, plant-based entrees.  Not mentioned in the report is that on Mondays we also serve our lunch using eco-ware (paper trays and utensils) bio-degradable tableware to make the entire meal "green".

Additional scoring that helped us to receive an "A" grade was for offering a daily salad bar.  Including whole grains, dark green vegetables, and orange vegetables.  Of note, the legume on the salad bar changes daily: garbanzo beans, black beans, kidney beans, great northern beans, and the bean of the day.  An excellent way to expose students to the wide variety of beans available and to help them incorporate more healthful food into their diet.

The Report Card commended our Nutrition Services Department for posting nutrition information, the district wellness policy and nutrition education links on our web site.

Our Central Office Staff is continually on the lookout for new, nutritious items.  These items are incorporated into the menu in a way that encourages the students to try them, especially if they have never eaten some of these new foods before.   Since each age group, Elementary, Middle and High School, have different nutritional requirements that must be met and tastes that differ, the menus are somewhat different for the age groups as well, although we keep the same principal in mind for all our menus regarding nutrition and are constantly seeking out new foods that meet that goal.

OUSD Nutrition Services, under the direction of Director Vino Mitra, previously received the state’s "Outstanding School Lunch Award" from State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell.


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