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Census 2020

In California All Kids Count. First 5 Association of California
What is the Census?

The Census counts every single person living in the U.S., even if the people at your address are not related, if they are not U.S. citizens, or if they have only lived at the address during part of the year. They ALL need to be counted.

A complete Census count REALLY matters. How much money our Oceanside community gets for programs that support you and your loved ones during the next ten years depends on a complete Census count. That’s funding for our schools, child care, medical care, food assistance, housing, and public transportation. The Census also influences who represents us in California and in Washington, D.C.

If you’re worried about privacy: Don’t be. By law, the Census cannot share your information with others. Breaking that law can cost a Census employee $250,000 in fines, five years in prison, or both. Rest assured, the Census won’t share any of your information with your landlord or with another government agency. Also, the Census won’t ask if you or others at your address are U.S. citizens.

 Filling out the Census form for your address is easy. You can participate in the Census by visiting on April 1, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my answers confidential? YES. By law, your response to the census CANNOT BE SHARED with anyone outside the census. This includes ICE (immigration), police, CPS (Child Protective Services), the IRS, the FBI, your landlord, or anyone else. No one can use your census answers to reduce your benefits, evict you, deport you, fine you, or take your children.

Will there be a question on the census asking if I am a citizen? NO.

Can I skip questions? The best way to avoid a phone call or visit from a census worker is to complete all the questions truthfully. And please make sure everyone in your household is counted — every adult, child, and baby.

How can I complete the census? You have options. You can fill out the census on a computer (at home or at a library), over the phone, or on paper. For help on how to respond using a paper census form, call 1-877-352-3676.

What if my child is a baby — do I list him or her on the census? YES. Please list your baby no matter how old — even if you are still in the hospital! I am pregnant — how should I fill out the census? Every child born on or before April 1, 2020 should be counted.

I have kids living with me who aren’t mine — do I list them? YES. You should count every child who is living at your address, even if only temporarily, on April 1, 2020.

I have more people living with me than my landlord knows. I shouldn’t list them, should I? Everyone must be listed, according to the U.S. Constitution. The census will not report your answers to your landlord or anyone else. Please make sure all people living in your household, or property, on April 1st, 2020 are counted.

I am not in the country legally. Should I take the census? YES. By law, the census cannot report your answers to any immigration authorities, law enforcement, or people in charge of government benefits. Everyone living in the U.S. at the time of the census should be counted, no matter their citizenship or immigration status.

My child doesn’t live with me all the time — do I list him or her? It depends. Whomever your child lives with most of the time should count your child. If time is split evenly, the adult who has the child on April 1, 2020 should count the child.

How long does it take to complete the census? About 10 minutes.

Learn More

To learn more about the Census, how to complete the survey, and how to become a partner, visit the Census 2020 Website.