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California College Guidance Initiative

To Parents/Guardians of current 6th-12th grade students:

Oceanside Unified School District has partnered with the California College Guidance Initiative (CCGI) to help your child develop a well-informed college and career plan. 

CCGI is a nonprofit that works with school districts throughout California to achieve two major goals:

(1) to ensure that all high school seniors in California graduate with clear postsecondary goals and a plan for how to achieve them, and

(2) that each student’s academic transcript data follows them as they advance across educational systems to reduce information gaps that could otherwise hinder their success.

As part of this effort, CCGI manages the state of California’s college and career planning platform, This web-based platform offers students, families, and educators a single access point for college and career preparation, applications, planning tools, and information to help plan for life after high school. It also allows your child’s course information to be shared directly with community colleges and CSUs, helping those colleges make faster and better decisions about admission, placement, and financial aid. Students can also launch FAFSA from their account, potentially smoothing the process of determining Cal-Grant eligibility.

Should you wish to opt-out from the District’s disclosure of your child’s course and testing data, please bring in the "opt out" form with your signature to the Education Support Services office at 2080 Mission Avenue.

CCGI Opt Out Form