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Board Meetings

All regularly scheduled board meetings are open to the public. The  board agenda is available on-line three days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. A quorum of board members (three of the five members) must be present for a regular meeting to take place. All actions authorized or required by law are taken in open meetings. State law allows the board to consider personnel matters in closed session.    

Public Comment

All board meetings feature an opportunity for public communication to the board. Community members are invited to present comments, suggestions or concerns related to agenda and non-agenda items. Those wishing to address the board can simply fill out a speaker’s card prior to the start of the board meeting. Please be aware that the board is not permitted to respond to or engage in dialogue related to comments regarding non-agenda items. Open meeting laws also prohibit the board from discussing specific employees or their job performance at a public board meeting. Community members unable to attend a meeting may also express their thoughts to the board via e-mail, fax, telephone calls and U.S. mail.  

Board Meeting Calendars

Agendas and Minutes