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Renee Fernandez
Use of Facilities Office

Colette Leyva
Business Services Dept.

Authorization to Fundraise Packet

Authorization to Fundraise Packet

An "Annual Authorization for School Affiliated Organizations to Fundraise" packet is required every year from PTO, PTA, Booster, Foundation, and other parent organizations in order to raise money for Oceanside schools.

The packet includes the following:

  • Organization's information and required signatures
  • Organization's officers for the current school year
  • Fundraising events for the year
  • Bank information
  • Treasurer's report from prior year showing income, expenditures, and ending balance in June 2020
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance maintained by the organization for the current year
  • W9 and verification of tax-exempt status

Additional attachments, if necessary:

  • Changes in Organization's governing documents
  • New bank account or modification made to banking permissions
  • Change in state or federal tax exempt status

The completed packet was due to the Deputy Superintendent of Administrative Services at the District Office by Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

Below is more information regarding each of the required items.


This form requires a signature from a governing member of the organization, along with the signature of the site principal.

A copy of the signed form will be returned to organization after approval by the Superintendent or designee.

organization's officers

Please include a listing of the organization's officers for the current year.  The listing should include name, position on the governing board, email address, and telephone number.  Please also indicate if the officer is an employee of the Oceanside Unified School District.

fundraising events

Please list the information for each event that the Organization anticipates hosting for the year, including any online fundraising efforts.

Any event taking place on an OUSD site requires an approved request for "Use of Facilities".  A new online process is in place for requesting facilities through Facilitron.

Bank Information

Include a list of persons who are authorized to withdraw funds from the bank account.

If a new bank account was opened for the organization, a voided check must be submitted with the packet.

Treasurer's Report

A complete Treasurer's Report from June 2020 must be included in the packet.  The report should include all income, expenditures, and year-ending balance.

If there is a significant ending account balance, please provide an explanation as to the reason for the savings and approval for such savings.

Certificate of Liability Insurance

Each organization should have liability insurance for the current year.  Oceanside Unified School District should be listed as an additional insured on a separate endorsement page.  Coverage should be for at least one million dollars ($1,000,000) combined single limit liability for bodily injury and property damage, with a minimum two million dollar ($2,000,000) aggregate for each occurrence and be named as an additional insured on a separate endorsement.  The certificate holder and additional insured must be identified as:

Oceanside Unified School District
Attn: Facility Use Office
2111 Mission Ave.
Oceanside, CA 92058

The certificate of insurance and separate endorsement page must be submitted with the renewal packet.  Packets will not be approved without the certificate of insurance and separate endorsement page attached.

organization's w9 & Verification of Tax Exempt Status

All PTOs, PTAs, Boosters, and Foundations must be their own entity.  They have their own EIN (Employee Identification Number) through the IRS.  Tax exempt status would be marked on the organization's W9.  If an organization does not have a W9, it can be printed from the IRS website

The Verification of Tax-Exempt Status is updated each year after the filing of tax documents in order to maintain tax-exempt status.  Organizations can search for their tax exempt status on the IRS website.