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Each site has teachers that have been trained in Your first points of contact should be the .Net teachers and your site IT support person.

For hardware and connectivity issues contact your site IT support person.        

For Aeries operational support, please submit your request here: Help Desk
Use your regular Windows login to access: (firstname.lastname or firstinitial lastname) and your password. When you visit the site, you may want to Bookmark/Favorite it in your browser.

To contact via phone: 760-966-4408.

School Messenger

School Messenger

Please use the link below to access the OUSD Single Sign On Portal to access School Messenger

OUSD Portal


Please use this link to access School Messenger "How to" Videos.

School Messenger How to Videos.

Teacher Portals

Report Card Maker

Report Card Maker User Guide

Login: Your full email []

Password: Eight digit birthdate, year first. Example: January 2, 1977 [19770102]

If you are using a personal device you can install the program using this link: Report Card Maker Download


The iPad app is not yet available, but we are told it soon will be available for free on the app store. (ReportCardMaker 6)


There is an extensive user guide for Report Card Maker here:
Report Card Maker User Guide


Report Card Maker help guides (Website Download, Login, Managing Students, Options, Comments, Creating Custom Comments, Entering Grades, Global Mode)


If you need help please submit an OUSD Ticket: OUDS Helpdesk

Choose the category “Aeries” for now.  There will soon be a category just for Report Card Maker.

Aeries Resource Center


Log-in Instructions  - This document guides you through the first log-in on Aeries.Net

Teacher Portal guide  - This guide provides information on how teachers can update attendance, gradebook, grades and progress reports in the Aeries using Aeries.Net.

Teacher Guides

Gradebook updated 3.10.17

Gradebook Reports

Analytics Exam Creation, Scanning and Scoring

Taking Attendance in

View Attendance (previous days)

Class Rosters 

Class list with parent info

Classroom Discipline

Aeries Gradebook

Updated 3.10.17

Support Videos Teacher Portals
    Teacher Portal Navigation


    Attendance by Photo

Gradebook - HTML5

Dashboard and Navigation              Mass Add Gradebook

Copy Gradebook                             Add Gradebook

Edit Gradebook                               Mass Add Students

Linking Gradebooks                        Gradebook Options

Categories for Gradebook               Final Marks

Gradebook Terms                            Rules

Narrative Grades                             Backups

Restore                                            Add/Drop Students

Add Assignments                             Push Assignments

Import Assignments                         Manage Students

Scores by Class                               Scores by Student

Scores By Assignment                     Entering Scores by Standard

Mass Add Scores                             Quick Data Entry

Zero Point Assignments                   Override Not Applicable Scores


Gradebook File Upload - Teacher Briefcase

Gradebook File Upload - Student Backpack

Reports for Gradebook

Load From Gradebook - Secondary

Load From Gradebook - Elementary

TOMS/Smarter Balance


Login Hints

CAASPP Test Operations Management Systems (TOMS):


Login and password used during May’s SBAC testing

SBAC digital library:
Smarter Balance Library


Login information was sent to each teacher last October from Josh Thibodeaux

Classroom Discipline

Microsoft Office

Office 365

Install Microsoft Office for FREE

Log onto your Office 365 email account to download any of the following programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more with just a click. Download them for free today!

Directions on how to install this software


OUSD Single Sign-On Portal

OUSD Portal

Login into your OUSD Single Sign-On to Access

Aeries Teacher Portal, Canvas, SchoolMessenger, Google, Office 365,  Aesop, HelpDesk and other school related links. 

OUSD Portal

OUSD Teacher Orientation

Click here to enroll in the teacher orientation course on Canvas.

Use the same username and password as your email without the ""

Testing info

2018-19 Grading Periods

2018-19 Secondary
North Terrace MS, Santa Margarita MS, Stuart Mesa MS 


2018-19 Secondary Trimester
Ocean Shores HS

iPAD App List


For a complete IPAD App List