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New Student Registration

Students are initially enrolled in OUSD with online registration and then by presenting documents to the school.  If you do not have access to the internet, or would like assistance, the school office staff or Educational Support Services staff can help you with this process.

  1. Login to the Online Registration website.
  2. Complete all required data fields.
  3. When you have provided all the information required, the data will be submitted by clicking the mouse on the Finish and Submit button. The school will be notified of a new enrollment. The Print button will print out a copy of the enrollment confirmation for your records, or you may choose to save as a PDF, but you will not turn in these papers until asked to present your documents to the school.

Instructions for Aeries Online Enrollment step by step / Inscripción por internet paso a paso


Before May, new student registration is essentially "pre-registration". This means that parents/guardians will complete the registration online, but they will not need to produce the documents needed for registration to school sites until later in the Spring/Summer. 

When you are notified (in May or later):

  1. Print and sign the enrollment confirmation form. You can also print this at the school office.
  2. Take the required documents to the school office:
  • Proof of residency (2)*
  • Birth certificate
  • Immunization records
  • Previous school transcripts or recent report card (if applicable)

*For Proof of Residency, two forms of acceptable documentation are required - includes current utility bills, cable TV, or rent/mortgage/lease contracts.

New Student Registration Example


Video con instrucciones paso por paso en español