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Technology and Transportation

 While it is the mission of every transportation department to provide safe, efficient service, here in the Oceanside Unified School District we take that to heart. We combine the latest in technology with outstanding employees for the best transportation service available.

California law requires all school bus drivers to complete a "pre-trip" inspection prior to leaving the bus yard.  This detailed inspection consists of more than 100 checklist items that must be within operating limits before the driver can put the first student on board.

ZONAR® System.
To most effectively complete this pre-trip inspection, OUSD drivers use an electronic hand-held device known as the ZONAR® system. Once the inspection is completed,  information is automatically downloaded to the transportation office and to the shop. If a driver finds a mechanical defect in a bus, the shop is notified immediately and repairs can then be affected before the bus leaves the yard.

In addition to pre-trip inspections, the district uses the same ZONAR® system to verify that the bus is checked at the end of each run to ensure that no students are left on board. Drivers are required to walk to the rear of the bus and physically check each seat. When the driver arrives at the back of the bus, a tag is scanned and the bus check is transmitted to the transportation’s dispatch office. A child check must be completed within a certain time or an alarm sounds in the dispatch office, leading to an immediate check of the bus by district personnel.

Two-way Communication
Communication with OUSD drivers is done through a highly sophisticated "trunked" radio system. This allows the drivers to communicate with the dispatchers without having to share the frequency with other businesses or departments within the district.

GPS Tracking and Video
Advanced technology also allows our maintenance shop to communicate with drivers in order to help diagnose problems with the engine and other components of the bus, and all buses are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.  GPS helps ensure all students are safe and on route and provides “real time” locations of all buses.

Along with GPS technology, the district uses video surveillance systems inside  buses to help monitor student activity and provide students with the safest possible ride. Video systems allow the driver to spend more time concentrating on the road and what is going on around them instead of constantly looking in the rear view mirror to see what is occurring inside the bus.

Safe Drivers
The Oceanside Unified School District is committed to providing the safest most efficient service possible to the students and parents of the district.  And while using the most current technology available is important, safety always begins with the driver. All Oceanside school bus drivers are carefully screened and must pass a full background check, including a local and Department of Justice fingerprint clearance. All drivers must complete a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education each year to maintain their special driving certificate.