School Boundaries

You can now use SchoolSite Locator to find the schools of attendance for any address in the Oceanside Unified School District:

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Printable attendance boundary maps by school:

San Diego County School Districts Boundary Map

High School Boundary Map (PDF) 

Middle School Boundary Map (PDF)  Note that schools located on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base (North Terrace, Santa Margarita, and Stuart Mesa) are K-8 schools.

Elementary School Boundary Map (PDF) 

Individual High School Boundary Maps:   El Camino    Oceanside 

Individual Middle School Boundary Maps:   Chavez     -   Jefferson     -   King     -   Lincoln 

Individual Elementary School Boundary Maps:

 Del Rio    -   Foussat   -  Garrison    -   Ivey Ranch     -  Laurel    -   Libby 

McAuliffe     -   Mission     -   Nichols    -   North Terrace***     -  Palmquist     -   Reynolds  

San Luis Rey   -   Santa Margarita***      -    South Oceanside     -   Stuart Mesa*** 

*** Grade Level is K-8