School Boundaries

You can now use SchoolSite Locator to find the schools of attendance for any address in the Oceanside Unified School District:

SchoolSite Locator

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Printable attendance boundary maps by school:

San Diego County School Districts Boundary Map

High School Boundary Map (PDF) 

Middle School Boundary Map (PDF)

Elementary School Boundary Map (PDF) 

Individual High School Boundary Maps:   El Camino    Oceanside 

Individual Middle School Boundary Maps:   Chavez     -   Jefferson     -   King     -   Lincoln 

Individual Elementary School Boundary Maps:

 Del Rio    -   Foussat   -  Garrison    -   Ivey Ranch     -  Laurel    -   Libby 

McAuliffe     -   Mission     -   Nichols    -   North Terrace     -  Palmquist     -   Reynolds  

San Luis Rey   -   Santa Margarita      -    South Oceanside     -   Stuart Mesa