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Middle and High
"Print" Pre-Pay Form

Escuelas Primarias
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"Imprima el formulario" de pago por adelantado

Pay For Meals

OUSD Nutrition Services is the recipient of the "Outstanding School Lunch Award" 

Meal Prices for the 2015 - 2016 School Year


Elementary School:

Full Price........$1.50

Reduced Price.....No Charge

Milk............$ .35


Middle & High School:

Full Price.........$1.75

Reduced Price.....No Charge

Milk.............$ .35



Elementary School:

Full Price........$2.75

Reduced Price.....No Charge

Milk............$ .35


Middle School:

Full Price.........$3.00

Reduced Price.....No Charge

Milk.............$ .35


High School:

Full Price.........$3.25

Reduced Price.....No Charge

Milk.............$ .35

Pre Pay for Meals



There are two ways of prepaying for student Breakfasts and Lunches. 


1.  Send cash or a check to the Cafeteria for the
      amount of meals desired.

*Please include your child(ren)s full name and pin number
 (for Elementary) OR ID number (for Middle or High).  

*Also include your telephone number should we need to contact you.   

*When pre-paying for meals, please fill out a Pre-pay form.  You can
  pick one up from the Cafeteria or print one from the link on the left
  side of this web page.


2. You may pre-pay through our online pre-payment 
    system called

*You may use a debit card or credit card to make payments from the
  convenience of your home or office.  

*Through PayPAMs you can receive low balance email reminders and
  view your child's account balance. 

*To pre-pay through PayPAMs, just click on the link to the left.

*If you are new to PayPAMs, click on the link to the left.
 When you arrive at the website, click on "Register Now" located at the
 bottom right corner of the page.


*NOTE:  It takes a minimum of 72 hours to process payments through
               the PayPams online payment system.

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