HIV/AIDS Requirement Online

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High School students have two options to meet the California HIV/AIDS graduation requirement:

  • Through Contemporary Living (1 semester = 5 elective credits)


  • The OUSD HIV/AIDS Requirement Online (students do not receive high school credits)

Students who take the HIV/AIDS Requirement Online to meet the HIV/AIDS high school graduation requirement may also take Contemporary Living for elective credits.

Students who have already taken and passed Contemporary Living, do not have to complete this requirement online.

The HIV/AIDS Requirement Online can be completed from any computer with internet access.  Click here to view a list of places where students can access computers   to complete this requirement.  

The OUSD HIV/AIDS Requirement Online aligns with the HIV/AIDS unit taught through Contemporary Living.  The lessons cover:

  • HIV/AIDS and its effects on the body
  • Ways HIV is transmitted
  • Reducing the risk of contracting HIV
  • Public health issues associated with HIV/AIDS
  • Refusal and decision-making skills to avoid high-risk activities
  • Societal views on HIV/AIDS and compassion for persons with HIV/AIDS
  • Local resources for HIV testing and medical care

HIV/AIDS Requirement Online instructional materials are available for parents who want to preview the lessons.  Just stop by your child’s high school office and request to preview the book HIV/AIDS Requirement Online - Instructional Materials for Parent Preview.

 See updated site above for directions for student access.