Lisa Contreras

Director of Communications

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Communications Office

The Communications Office is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing internal and external communication and public information programs for the Oceanside Unified School District. The office operates as a service department that benefits students, staff and the community by generating support for district programs, achievements, and activities that help build confidence in public education.

Services provided range from managing media relations with local, state and national news outlets, communications counseling, producing internal and external publications and providing media and customer service training and assistance to district administrators and staff.   Other functions of the Communications Office include special events and activities planning, developing informational campaigns, and serving as an internal and external source of information for the district.    

OUSD Strategic Communications Plan

Oceanside Unified School District (OUSD) provides significant educational value and enrichment to the Oceanside community. However, district leadership has been concerned for quite some time that the success and accomplishments of students and the district are not effectively communicated to both internal and external stakeholders.

To address this concern, OUSD launched a comprehensive communications research effort to determine the effectiveness of the district’s communication with its most important audiences and key stakeholders.

Below is the 2-year OUSD Strategic Communications Plan and the presentation to the board on the research findings.