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Educational Technology

iPad Apps and Chrome Extensions

Click or tap here for the complete App list for student iPads.

Acceptable Use Policy


The new Single Sign-On (SSO) portal

A Single Sign-On (SSO) portal is a secure webpage that allows students and staff to significantly reduce the number of passwords they need to remember.  Once completely implemented, this new portal will, very literally, require a single username and password (your existing OUSD username and password) to access a range of web-based resources. 


To access the new portal simply visit:  https://portal.oside.us

If you are attempting to access your OUSD Google account, you will automatically be taken to the new portal page (pictured below).  This will be the new login method for Google going forward, as this portal replaces the old system.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Your OUSD password is not changing at this time.  Your portal username is the same as your email username (e.g.  darth.vader  or  dvader).


The new portal will initially be populated with a select few resources, which will fall into one of two categories:

  1. The first type, such as all Google Apps for Education services, will be fully SSO (think automatic login) enabled.  Simply click the icon for Google Mail, and you will be securely logged into your OUSD Google account.
  2. The second type of resource is the links/icons that will take you to the site you wish but will require your username and password to sign in.  Think of this portal as your set of super-charged ‘bookmarks.’  These bookmarks/links include the Oceanside USD website, PeopleSoft paycheck portal and Aeries.

At the time of launch (9/30) the apps that will be fully SSO enabled (automatic sign-in) are Google Mail, Google Classroom, Google Drive and other GAFE applications.  In the coming days and weeks we will be ‘upgrading’ the other links/icons to become fully automatic.  The services up next on the upgrade roadmap for October are Canvas, the OUSD Support Help Desk (for submitting help tickets), and Microsoft services (Office 365 webmail, OneDrive, etc.).  Some providers, like Aeries, are unable to currently interface with industry SSO standards and we are working with them to add this functionality.  Additionally, we will be adding more links to the staff portal as more services are integrated.  Students* and staff will each have their own sign-in portal, with links/icons for the resources that are relevant to them.  Again, this portal will only be required for accessing Google services currently, so you can continue to use your own bookmarks and shortcuts to access your online resources.  More details will be sent out in the coming weeks as we enable the other beneficial features of this new system.


Example of the new OUSD RapidIdentity SSO portal:



Digital Citizenship

Terry Loftus
Chief Technology Officer, Technology and Information Services 
Tel: 760-966-4079
Fax: 760-721-9714

Lydia Smith
Administrative Secretary II
Tel: 760-966-4098
Fax: 760-721-9714

Josh Thibodeaux
Coordinator of Educational Technology
Tel: 760-966-7808
Fax: 760-721-9714

Robin Worley
Educational Technology TOSA
Tel: 760-966-4076
Fax: 760-721-9714