Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement Plan 2008

The District's Capital Improvement Plan, adopted in its revised form by the Board of Education in February 2008, provides proposed school design plans incorporating the use of prototypical permanent and modular building designs for new and replacement buildings. 

Proposed Design Plans

Elementary Schools: Del Rio - Garrison - Ivey Ranch - LibbyMcAuliffe - Mission - Palmquist - North Terrace - Reynolds - San Luis Rey - Santa Margarita

Middle Schools: Jefferson - Lincoln

High Schools: El Camino - Oceanside

Prototypical Building Types

For a further clarification of building "type", refer to the following building elevations and schematics when viewing the proposed plans:

Kindergarten - KA, KB, KS

Classroom - QA, QB, QC, QD, QE, QF, QX

Multipurpose Room - MP

Gymnasium - GF

Shower Locker Room - SL

Student Restrooms - TA, TB, TC

Modular Administration - RA

Modular Kindergarten - RK

Modular Special Education Classroom - RS

Modular Library - RL

Modular Classroom - RC