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About Curriculum & Instruction

Superintendent Duane Coleman's Vision Statement 2014-15

"The time we have with our kids will be effective and efficient, not wasting one minute, one second while we have them in our hands."     


OUSD Instructional Focus 2014-15 

“All students will demonstrate their thinking, both verbally and in writing, to show understanding of their learning.”

Welcome to Curriculum & Instruction

                                     Curriculum Standards

The California State Board osubject texts.jpgf Education sets curriculum standards and frameworks in the areas of English-language arts, mathematics, science, history/social science, and visual and performing arts. These standards guide curriculum planning at the school district level. These documents were developed by teachers, curriculum specialists, and administrators and faculty from colleges and universities. They identify what students learn at each grade level in major subject areas.
Content Standards- for detailed information about the knowledge, skills, and concepts students should acquire at each grade level, click on the following link:

Curriculum Frameworks- for guidance on how to implement the California Content Standards, click on the following link: 

California Adopts Common Core State Standards

core-logo-color.jpgVisit our District's Common Core page.  This parent informaiton page provides resources for families and educators.  Learn what changes will occur in the classroom and how you can  help your child adjust to the Common Core standards.

Educator Resources

Teacher workgroups are being trained and are in the process of creating Common Core curriculum for the district.  We are in the process of creating a system to share the resources.  For now, click here to visit our Educator Resources page.

Parent Information

Please visit our Parent Informationfamily-clipart.png page.  It provides district resources along with outside resources to support your child's transition into Common Core.

Migrant Education

Migrant Ed Logo.JPGYour child may be eligible for educational and support services if your family meets the requirements of the Migrant Education Program.  Please review the following form to see if your family qualifies.

Migrant Education Qualification Form

Jeanne LaVerne.JPGJeanne Iman, Ed.D.
Director- Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
Tel: 760-966-7840
Fax: 760-439-8095


Administrative Assistant:
Mona Gonzales
Tel: 760-966-7851

Frazier_Eileen.jpgEileen Frazier
Director- Secondary Curriculum and Instruction
Tel: 760-966-7822

Fax: 760-439-8095


Administrative Assistant:
Dora Jaramillo
Tel: 760-966-7828


Curriculum and Instruction Coordinators:

Sabrina Lee, Coordinator of Common Core

Tel: 760-966-7895

Kasia Obrzut, Secondary Curriculum and Instruction, GATE

Tel:  760-966-7813

Linda Guerrero, Coordinator of EL Learners

and  Migrant Education

Tel: 760-966-7868


Program Specialists:


Deb Wickman, Math

Tel:  760-966-7843

Sue Ann Bussey, Literacy

Tel:  760-966-7852

Anna Ramos, Literacy

Tel:  760-966-7838



Casey Doose, Literacy, Middle School

Tel: 760-966-7836

Eric Frandsen, Math, Middle School

Tel:  760-966-7831

Libby Butler, Math, High School

Tel:  760-966-7853

Genevieve Phillips, Literacy, High School

Tel:  760-966-7841


Armand Amoranto, Integration Program Specialist, K-12

Tel:  760-966-7842

Margaret Malek, K-12 Program Specialist

Tel:  760-966-7863