Members & Bylaws

Committee Members

Proposition H Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee members were appointed by the Board of Education on October 14, 2008. CBOC members are responsible for overseeing the expenditure of Proposition H bond funds, reviewing quarterly reports to ensure that the bond proceeds are expended only for the purposes set forth in the ballot measure.  The CBOC discharges the duties prescribed by Proposition 39 (2000).

The CBOC may be contacted individually through the email addresses listed below as well as at the following general email address:

The following is a list of CBOC members and terms of service:


Name Role Term E-mail
Tracey Alexander Site Council, PTA 3 terms of 2 years each to 6/21
Larry Barry SD Taxpayers Assoc. 3 terms of 2 years each to 6/21
Martha Brown, Chair Member at large 4 years to 6/16
Regina Burke OHS Boosters 4 years to 6/16
Kim Cino PTO parent 3 terms of 2 years each to 4/22  
Robert DeSplinter, Vice Chair OHS Boosters & parent 4 years to 6/16
Steven R. Jepsen Member at large 3 terms of 2 years each to 6/21
Rita Koor Senior community 4 years + 2 years to 10/17
Sandie Luehrs Member at large 4 years to 6/16
David Nydegger Small business 4 years to 6/16


At the committee's first meeting on October 30, 2008, the Oceanside Unified School District Bond Oversight Committee Bylaws were presented and accepted by the members.

Education Code Section 15282 was amended effective January 1, 2014, to provide that all CBOC members be allowed to serve up to three consecutive terms. Additionally, the termination provision is extended to allow the CBOC to oversee the implementation of the bond-funded projects and to be in compliance with Education Code Section 15278. The revised Bylaws were approved by the Board of Education at its regularly scheduled board meeting on May 26, 2015.