College Bound OUSD


College Bound Oceanside and Empowering Parents Workshops for Grades K-12

Marsha Dodson and Darlene Willis, Ph.D have carefully woven together their personal experiences as parents and founders of a College Bound Program with answers to frequently asked questions that often remain unanswered.

ln these programs, parents will learn how to:

  • Improve communication with your child, teachers and administrators
  • Select the best course of study to make your child college ready
  • lmprove your child's study habits and final grades
  • Finance your child's education
  • Take back control of your house
  • Navigate the education system
  • Have the opportunity to go on college tours with your child

2013-14 Workshop Series

College Bound 2013-14 will host a series of workshops for all parents and high school students attending ECHS, OHS, Ocean Shores HS and the district’s AARC program during the current school year.    ALL seniors who participated in this life-changing program last year gained acceptance to the colleges of their choice.

For further information, click College Bound Flyer or Application or College Bound Flyer (Spanish) or Application (Spanish).  

Talleres de Empoderar a los Padres para Grados K-12

En esta serie de talleres, los padres aprenderán destrezas para:

  • Mejorar la comunicacion con los hijos, los maestros y administradores
  • Seleccionar el mejor curso de estudio para preparacion universitaria
  • Mejorar los habitos de estudiar y calificaciones finales
  • Financiar la educacion de su hijo
  • Tomar el control de su hogar
  • Navegar el sistema educacional
  • Tener la oportunidad de visitar a varios universidades con su hijo


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